Description of the flat strategy for betting on 12bet

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Flat is a very simple strategy: a player has to bet a fixed amount of money on 12bet. The result of the previous bets does not affect the new bet. The bettor chooses his own bet size and decides the outcomes he wants in 12bet.
This is the main financial strategy for betting in 12bet sports, which can be rather effective in combination with other systems.

An example of flat betting at 12bet

To understand how flat works, let's have a look at an example with a fixed stake of Rs. 1000 and bet on outcomes at odds of 2.00 for ease of understanding and to simplify the calculations in 12bet sports.
1,000 rupees on P2 in the Werder – Leipzig match. Kef. 2.00. Loss.
Rs 1000 on TB(2.5) in the Lazio vs Atalanta game. Kef. 2.00. Winning.
Rs 1000 on X2 in the Chelsea vs Everton match. Kef. 2.00. Winning.
1000 rupees on both to score in the Bayern vs Hertha match. Kef. 2.00. Winning.
1000 rupees on f1(-1.5) for Liverpool vs Burnley. Ref. 2.00. A loss.
It turns out that in this situation 3 out of 5 bets played in12bet, which brought the player 1000 rupees on top.

How to earn with a flat strategy on 12bet


You can not win much with this strategy in 12bet, because the bet size is fixed and the algorithm above does not give any advantage over 12bet. Even if a 12bet player wins 50% of his bets with equal odds, he will still be in the red because of 12bet sports margin.
But the good news is that it is also very difficult to lose with this strategy. A stable income will be with 50%+ odds if we speak about odds starting from 2.00, which is not easy. However, for good analysts, flat is an ideal option with minimal risk at 12bet sports.

The flat strategy in football betting on 12bet

Among all football betting strategies, flat is the most common one among all bettors at 12bet who know how to beat the line and find plenty of valuables daily. This strategy is best used in football for betting in 12bet sports with high odds, for example for betting on draws, underdog goals, goal scoring authors.

Flat strategy in boxing betting at 12bet

In boxing, where status fights don't take place as often as anywhere else, it makes sense to bet flat in 12bet. Analyze the fight, pick an outcome, and preferably with odds from 1.50 and bet a fixed sum. For the next fight, use the same approach with 12bet. With a good knowledge of the sport, flat will be one of the best boxing betting strategies with minimal risk at 12bet sports.

Source: https://12bet-sport.in