Himachal Pradesh Technical University, Daruhi, Hamirpur (H.P.)- 177 001
Sr.No. Branch/Section Name of Officer/Official Designation ContactNo. E-mail
01 Vice-Chancellor Secretariat Sh. Onkar Chand Sharma (IAS) Vice Chancellor 01972-226900 [email protected]
Sh. Anil Kumar Thakur PS to Vice Chancellor 01972-226900 01972-226901 (fax)
02 Registrar Office Sh. Anupam Thakur Registrar 01972-226902 [email protected]
Smt. Monika Steno Typist 01972-226902, 01972-226903(Fax)
03 Dean (Academic) Prof. Rajinder Guleria Dean(Acad) 01972-226904 [email protected]
Sh. Rajiv Verma Assistant Registrar (Acad) 01972-226911
04 Dean ( Pharmacy ) Prof. Rajinder Guleria Dean (Dean Pharmacy-cum-Students Welfare) 01972-226905 [email protected]
05 Dean ( Engineering ) Prof. Rajinder Guleria (Add. charge of Dean Engineering)
Sh. Karam Chand System Analyst 01972-226914 [email protected]
06 Finance Sh. Uttam Chand Finance Officer 01972-226907 [email protected]
Smt. Bindu Bala CAC 01972-226907
Sh. Munish Kumar Clerk 01972-226907
07 Examination Prof. Rajinder Guleria COE 01972-226908 [email protected]
Addl. Controller of Exam. 01972-223013 [email protected]
7.1 Secrecy and Conduct Sh. Sanjeevan Mankotia Assistant Registrar (Secrecy) [email protected]
Sh. Vivek Nadda CAC [email protected]
7.2 Examination, Result, Evaluation &Re-evaluation Sh. Sanjeevan Mankotia Assistant Registrar (Exam) 01972-224159 [email protected]
7.3 Degree Cell Sh. Deepak Sharma CAC 01972-224159 [email protected]
08 Estate Office/ Er. Deeraj Kaundal Estate Officer 01972-226909
09 Project Office Er. Amit Thakur Project Officer 01972-226909 [email protected]
10 Audit Section Sh. Rajbir Singh Assistant Controller (Audit) 01972-226913
Sh. Vidya Sagar Auditor 01972-226913
11 Establishment and General Administration Sh. Anil Sharma Assistant Controller(Audit) 01972-228013
Smt. Himachali CAC 01972-226902
Sh. Gagan Singh CAC 01972-226902
12 RTI Section Appellate Authority-cum-Registar 01972-226902 [email protected]
Appellate Authority
Public Information Officer Sh. Uttam Chand Finance officer-cum-PIO 01972-226907
Smt. Himachali CAC 01972-226902
13 Public Relations Office Sh. Harish Chander Assistant Co-ordinator 94187-00387 [email protected]