The development of the university has been proposed into two phases:


In the first phase the University will take up the matters like affiliation and inspections of various institutions located in state of H.P., imparting technical education with help of experts from Universities and Institutions from H.P. and neighbouring states, other important works of first phase are revision and development of curriculum, conduct of examinations, and admission process.

1. University Institute of Academic Quality and Continuing Education (IAQ&CE)
(a) Academic Staff College
(b) Academic Audit Centre
(c) Training and Placement Centre
(d) Community Outreach Education Centre
(e) Soft skill centre in each College


In the second phase the University will develop on campus activity by establishing the University Institute of Studies, which will be assigned with various Departments and Centres. The University Institute of Studies of H.P. Technical University shall undertake and supervise the instructions and award of Diploma, Bachelor Degree, Master Degree and Doctorate in Philosophy in the respective disciplines with nomenclature as notified by the Himachal Pradesh Technical University from time to time through University Institute of Studies (Faculty).

University Institute of Studies

The Technical Education system of Technical University will be based upon the interdisciplinary approach, as per the recent requirements of the society and its fundamental problems. In the University campus the research oriented under graduate and post graduate academic programmes will be offered through its various “University Institute of Studies”. In order to propagate and encourage the interdisciplinary approach in each University Institute of Studies various research laboratories, specialized and need based Centres of Excellence, Community Polytechnic Centres and Outreach Programme Centres will be attached with each Institution, but discipline wise department will not be created.Keeping in view of interdisciplinary approach of the institutions, each one of the programme/course of study will be looked after by one Co-ordinator from the concerned discipline/branch. The Co-ordinator of each course of study will be responsible for making various arrangements for the smooth functioning and its conduct of Statutory Body meetings such as Board of Studies, Research Degree Committee and formulating time table for conduct of regular classes in the institution. Each University Institute of Studies will be headed by the Director on rotation basis for the tenure of three years among the Professors/Associate Professors of the concerned Institute of Studies. There will be following Institute of Studies:-

(a) University Institute of Engineering and Technological Studies (IETS)
(b) University Institute of Petroleum Technologies (IoPT)
(c) University Institute of Business and Management Studies (IoBMS)
(d) University Institute of Pharmacy & Ayurved
(e) University Institute of Architecture and Design (IoAD)
(f) University Institute of Natural Sciences and Technological Interface (INS&TI)
(g) University Institute of Academic Quality, Placement and Training
(h) University Institute of Hotel Management and Technology (IHM&T)
(i) University Institute of Fashion Technology and Fine Arts (IFT&FA)
(j) University Institute of Environment and Sustainability (IE&S)
(k) University Institute of Humanities and Languages )

The syllabi of each course of studies at the under-graduate and post graduate level will be based upon the following goals of Technical Education:-

A. Analytical ability (ability to analyze situation)
B. Building ability (ability to design with creativity)
C. Caring and Character (sensitivity to others and courage to act on one’s beliefs)

So these ABC of technical education will not be constructed in a narrow disciplinary sense, but in the widest possible context of life and living. The A and B pertain to “how to do” and C pertains to “what” and “why” of life.