Library cell

Objectives and activities
  • Students should be well advanced in library usage at the beginning of academic session

Follow the rules or amendments properly.

  • To Provide reading material regarding new research and theories to cater the need of readers.
  • Timely renewal of subscriptions to magazines, publications and modern technology.
  • To ensure that the technologies used by the library are put to good use so that the library gets world-class recognition.
  • To organize meetings to discuss important issues about the library.
  • Involving all faculty members in the selection of books related to their subjects.
  • Organizing exhibitions of booksellers for the purchase of books.
  • Taking action for violation of norms in the library.
  • Get suggestions for the purchase of new books from teachers and students
Various Library Services

(Library will be open from 9:30 am to 5:00 pm)

Details of various services provided by the library

  • Membership of 10 newspapers.
  • Study room facilities.
  • Online public access catalog facility. (OPAC)
  • Issuing library ID cards to every student.
  • Facilitating old question papers.
  • Facilitating copying.
  • Facilitating National and international research journals