Message From Vice-Chancellor

Himachal Pradesh Technical University nurtures its students in the Ultra-modern education and scientific knowledge along with divine and spiritual vicinity. In Himachal Pradesh Technical University, the souls are groomed fully awakened and fully competent, who will set up enlightened and developed society and, enhance the physical, intellectual, spiritual, social, economic, political and scientific abilities of society and, consequently, enrich the Nation and the World. Himachal Pradesh Technical University envisions a holistic Higher Technical Education system that enlightens and instills inquisitiveness in its pupils to provide a need based scientific and technological solutions to the society. With the rise of new age technologies such as artificial intelligence, data sciences, quantum computation and technology, business analytics and sustainable technological solutions, a paradigm shift is necessary to impart skill based knowledge and prepare future generations.

The Technical University is striving hard to provide access to high quality education to all students, regardless of their geographical location or socio-economic background. Recent emergence of National Education Policy-2020, the plans are focused on enriching the infrastructure, modern age equipments, libraries, and allied facilities, develop curriculum framework and course content which aligned with industry requirements and, promote industry-academic collaborations to provide practical training to the students. The flexibility in the curriculum has been designed with industry-specific goals in mind and the educator enjoys complete freedom to appropriate the syllabus by incorporating the latest knowledge and stimulating the creative minds of the students. The faculty members are continuously engaged in the maintenance and enhancement of student centric learning environment through innovative pedagogies and form the backbone of the University.

Himachal Pradesh Technical University has entered into collaborations with many prominent and reputed industries to provide, upgrade, and promote technical education and training & research to bridge the gap between industry and academia. The University is committed to encourage its students to become the entrepreneurs and start their own ventures. It is my privilege to mention here that H.P. Technical University is marching ahead in the right direction, providing a holistic education to the future generation and playing an effective and indispensable role in nation building.

I am firm and fully confident that the Himachal Pradesh Technical University will not only attain its enshrined objectives but also touch new heights of excellence nationally and internationally in the days to come.

(Prof. Shashi Kumar Dhiman)